Controversy is Better Than Nothing At All

Blog #11: Identify marketing practices used in non-profits.

Marketing practices used in meetings and events can vary. The very first non-profit organization that I thought of that has successfully used marketing practices is PETA. PETA is a well known non-profit organization which stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.

This cause is supported by millions of people worldwide, and gets millions of dollars worth of global press coverage. PETA’s most famous marketing campaign is the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.” This campaign is supported by dozens of celebrities, and is a brilliant way to get people talking while also making a point. Whether it is good or bad and even though it has been said that they are exploiting women in their ads, it is consistently talked about.


The hottest marketing trends right now are of course anything to do with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Of course PETA has taken advantage all of the social media marketing strategies. It is safe to say that if you aren’t connected to social media than you most likely won’t be successful in today’s business world.


Sponsorship Proposal Template

Blog #10: Create event sponsorship proposals

This is a draft of a sponsorship letter, which would be your first letter of introduction to a potential sponsor. The letter should also include a brief overview of what you are proposing. For this blog I will give an example of a sponsorship letter template I would create for a non-profit organization. Here is my example of a sponsorship proposal for the To Write Love On Her Arms non-profit event.

Dear Mr. Sponsor,

On behalf of the To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) Organization, I would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities for the 2013 TWLOHA Festival. The Festival is a fundraiser event that creates a network of over 500,000 high school, college, and university students in the San Diego district along with 1 million alumni to raise funds and awareness of the cause. The 2013 TWLOHA Festival will be held March 29th at San Diego State University.

Since the majority of TWLOHA Festival participants fit your demographics, sponsoring the TWLOHA Festival is a great way to reach your target audience and potential advertisers, while also making a difference in our community.

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to provide you with sponsorship opportunities and discuss how we can make this a mutually beneficial experience. I will follow up with you later this week. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at (555) 555-5555.


Rachel Bradley


Non-Profit Event Sponsorship Program

Blog #8: Formulate an event sponsorship program

Creating an event sponsorship program for a non-profits’ annual fundraiser event is a huge task. An annual fundraiser can raise a lot of money for a non-profit, and of course you should try to recruit as many sponsors as you can. A sponsorship program should have different levels of sponsorship. Depending how much money the sponsor donates, the sponsor receives that level of recognition at or before the event. Levels usually range from Gold (being the highest) to Silver, to Bronze, so on and so forth.

If the organization is large enough there can be national sponsors which usually consist of large companies that are willing to donate a large sum of money to the cause. National sponsors can be limited to just a few chosen companies, and those companies will in turn be a part of the marketing, promoting, and advertising for the event. Of course for a potential sponsor there must be enough value included with the marketing, and promoting of their company for them to donate to the organization.

Each company has a different outlook on what value is to them. Value could range from brand building, opportunities to sample, the audience, or media coverage. Each of these things can be included in the different levels of sponsorship.Image