A Perfect Day To Be a Kid

Blog #4- Identify and develop a promotional strategy, including the event proposal, invitations, advertising, publicity, contests, promotional merchandise, sales promotions and packaging.Image

Adventure to Santa Clarita, CA where you will find a paradise built for kids. At Mountasia, there is everything for a kid to enjoy. Literally, everything. It has Rock Climbing walls, Laser Tag, Bumper Boats, Go Karts, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, and an Arcade. This place was built to satisfy the developing mind. This event would consist will a full day of a variety of activities geared towards working together and making new friends.

Promoting an event like this would be something anyone could do. Speaking with teachers in schools, posting up flyers in major children oriented areas, and of course taking it to the internet with some social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Working with the schools would be my main focus, seeing as how it would be the most possible to make a promotional deal with them. This kind of event would be a fantastic way to bring kids from all different schools together, and it would certainly make for an event that would keep them entertained.

Promotional strategies are fairly simple when the event on its own is a match made in heaven. I believe a lot of kids would enjoy all the available activities, and getting them to want to come seems like a task that is fairly simple.