Controversy is Better Than Nothing At All

Blog #11: Identify marketing practices used in non-profits.

Marketing practices used in meetings and events can vary. The very first non-profit organization that I thought of that has successfully used marketing practices is PETA. PETA is a well known non-profit organization which stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.

This cause is supported by millions of people worldwide, and gets millions of dollars worth of global press coverage. PETA’s most famous marketing campaign is the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.” This campaign is supported by dozens of celebrities, and is a brilliant way to get people talking while also making a point. Whether it is good or bad and even though it has been said that they are exploiting women in their ads, it is consistently talked about.


The hottest marketing trends right now are of course anything to do with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Of course PETA has taken advantage all of the social media marketing strategies. It is safe to say that if you aren’t connected to social media than you most likely won’t be successful in today’s business world.


Converse: Traditional vs. Social Media Advertising

Blog#5: Evaluate the strengths of traditional vs. social media

Converse is a brand almost anyone around the world can recognize. Whether you call them Converse, or Chucks, or sneakers, they are a brand almost anyone can identify with. Converse has such wide spread recognition, yet like any brand they must constantly advertise so people don’t forget them.

One of the ways Converse advertise is through traditional techniques. They use ad campaigns across the globe to further their brand. They use billboards, magazine print ads, and broadcasts on TV. This is good because it can help shape the mold of the brand if they ever choose to change its direction. They are considered a “skateboard” brand, but may people who don’t skate wear these sneakers. They are more than just a shoe brand, they are a style choice for the people who put these on their feet.ImageImage

There are also other ways that Converse advertise, including social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many others are ways that converse can stay connected to people directly. They will know who likes what, and what appeals to their target market based on what people on the internet respond to positively. Converse are constantly doing contests to get people more engaged in their brand. The one for 2013 was to upload a picture of yourself in your most fashionable ensemble wearing Converse sneakers for the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to NYC including a $1,000 Back-to-School shopping spree, personal consultation with a Seventeen Style Pro, $250 Journeys gift card, and more!

There is a team behind the scene who reflects on comments from social media to improve the brand, and to reach out and make their customers feel like they are a part of something more than just a shoe.

A Perfect Day To Be a Kid

Blog #4- Identify and develop a promotional strategy, including the event proposal, invitations, advertising, publicity, contests, promotional merchandise, sales promotions and packaging.Image

Adventure to Santa Clarita, CA where you will find a paradise built for kids. At Mountasia, there is everything for a kid to enjoy. Literally, everything. It has Rock Climbing walls, Laser Tag, Bumper Boats, Go Karts, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, and an Arcade. This place was built to satisfy the developing mind. This event would consist will a full day of a variety of activities geared towards working together and making new friends.

Promoting an event like this would be something anyone could do. Speaking with teachers in schools, posting up flyers in major children oriented areas, and of course taking it to the internet with some social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Working with the schools would be my main focus, seeing as how it would be the most possible to make a promotional deal with them. This kind of event would be a fantastic way to bring kids from all different schools together, and it would certainly make for an event that would keep them entertained.

Promotional strategies are fairly simple when the event on its own is a match made in heaven. I believe a lot of kids would enjoy all the available activities, and getting them to want to come seems like a task that is fairly simple.