Movie Premier Sponsorship Opportunities

Blog #9: Identify qualified prospective sponsors

You are charged with self-producing your own high-profile movie premier. Which movie would you choose? What are the elements of your event? Identify your list of qualified prospective sponsors based on your target market.

The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1Image

The movie is not expected to be released until the Fall of 2014, and the movie premiere is sure to be a huge event. If I was to produce this event I would bring to life the characters that are associated with the movie. They would be dressed in character so guests can interact, and take pictures with their favorite characters.

If my budget allows for it I think it would be fun to create personalized gift bags or “swag bags” per each character. So for each character their gift bag could include just a few small things like pins and merchandise for the movie such as a shirt or poster. Each guest could choose which character gift bag they want, and in return it will create a surprise for each guest depending on who they choose.

My target market for this type of movie is huge since so many different types of people would go see the movie. It can range from adults and teenagers that have read the book trilogy to a generation who just likes the movies.

The target market type of sponsors that I would look for would be book brands or something similar like (Amazon: Kindle), technology brands (Sony), and fast food brands (Subway). They chose sponsors in previous events that are extremely well known that could promote and advertise the movie in a variety of different ways.


Non-Profit Event Sponsorship Program

Blog #8: Formulate an event sponsorship program

Creating an event sponsorship program for a non-profits’ annual fundraiser event is a huge task. An annual fundraiser can raise a lot of money for a non-profit, and of course you should try to recruit as many sponsors as you can. A sponsorship program should have different levels of sponsorship. Depending how much money the sponsor donates, the sponsor receives that level of recognition at or before the event. Levels usually range from Gold (being the highest) to Silver, to Bronze, so on and so forth.

If the organization is large enough there can be national sponsors which usually consist of large companies that are willing to donate a large sum of money to the cause. National sponsors can be limited to just a few chosen companies, and those companies will in turn be a part of the marketing, promoting, and advertising for the event. Of course for a potential sponsor there must be enough value included with the marketing, and promoting of their company for them to donate to the organization.

Each company has a different outlook on what value is to them. Value could range from brand building, opportunities to sample, the audience, or media coverage. Each of these things can be included in the different levels of sponsorship.Image