PR Strategy for an Art Gallery

Blog #7: Develop a public relations strategy


Developing a public relations strategy is something that needs time, effort, and of course online and offline marketing. In this blog I will create a PR strategy for a local artist who has just opened a new art gallery of her own work.

First she must gain followers of people who like art, and enjoy going to art galleries. To do this the artist if she doesn’t already must create every type of social media available. This way people can understand the type of art she is creating, and they can see samples of work she has to offer. Creating social media will show us how many people could potentially come to her gallery if she has an event.

The next step would be to bring some samples of her work to a community event so people can see her work outside of the gallery. Being in the local community will give her the opportunity to show off her art, and talk to anyone that is interested. Of course this will also bring those people to the gallery, and she will be able to give them her information to her social media sites and website.  Once she has followers it would be smart to create a press release describing her story, her art, and her journey.