Apple vs. Microsoft

Blog #1:Compare and contrast among marketing, promotions, and sponsorship packages.intro1

Apple versus Microsoft, the debate no one will ever win. Many people have already picked a side, and will always remain loyal to the products in which they buy. But the real question still remains, which one is truly better?

Apple and Microsoft have very powerful marketing solutions to reach their target market. In this day in age, almost everyone needs to use a computer at some point. So which company should you choose? Both advertise well. Both have pros and cons. So what is it that attracts each individual?

Apples marketing, promotions, and sponsorship packages are some of the best in technology. Apple targets an audience that appears to a more hip, youthful, and close to heart audience. They want their customers to stay loyal, and for the most part, they do! More customers who purchase Apple products tend to stay Apple consumers. Apple just reported their second quarter results for the two highest sold item which include the iPhone, and the iPad. They sold a whopping 34.7 million iPhones, and an amazing 19.5 million iPads (in the second quarter ALONE!) They have several low-cost promotions available on their website. For example: if you are a student, purchasing a MacBook is at a lower cost. They do not however advertise any of this on television for the simple fact that if you want an Apple product, you are expecting to pay high prices no matter what. So most consumers will just enter an Apple store and just hand over the credit card!

Microsoft is a whole other story! Microsoft targets a user-friendly crowd, a “get in and get the work done without all those crazy techniques” audience, and also a customer who needs a little extra cash in their pocket at the end of the day. Microsoft is advertising to a larger audience, one who is there for the simplicities in life. They have hundreds of commercials, billboards, and social media advertisement. Their market share is to the individual who needs it then, but not necessarily¬†in the future. Microsoft stores are becoming more popular, and we are starting to see them sprout up at some malls. Here in San Diego, we have one at the Fashion Valley Mall. It is located right next door to an Apple store. They are virtually the same size, the same location, and the same hours. Which one has more people in it consistantly? -Apple!

While both companies have pros and cons, it appears that Apple continues to have a larger consumer base that stays loyal to them. Is it because of marketing? No. Is it because of sponsorship or promotion? No. It simply is because the people who buy their products consistantly love them! Its the same for a Pepsi/Coca-Cola drinker. Most people will stick to Coke simply because they like the taste more. Seems like the customers like the taste of Apple more too!


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